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“I sought and received spinal decompression treatment from Dr. Eipe & Lisa Kuruvila at Denver Spine Institute in Lakewood, Colorado following a rear end motor vehicle accident that left me with 2 herniated discs in my lower back.  

The pain in my back was excruciating. Caring for my children was a torment. When I began seeing  Dr. Kuruvila I was taking Oxycontin for the pain. I couldn’t take two months off caring for my family to have surgery and I was terrified that I would wind up addicted to pain medication trying to recover from this injury. Dr. Kuruvila listened and gave me the reassurance and information that I needed.  Ultimately the treatments at Denver Spine Institute with The DRS Protocol including Axial Spine Decompression led to my complete recovery and the ability to live free from addictive pain medications.  

Dr. Kuruvila and his staff were great! They gave me my life back and more importantly the ability to pick up my baby again with the ability to feel joy as opposed to scowling in pain. Thank you Dr. Kuruvila & Lisa” - K.G. Denver, CO



"I met Dr. Kuruvila of Denver Spine Institute, Lakewood, Colorado in September of 2010. I was in incredible, debilitating pain, having sought relief from my doctor and several body workers, including a chiropractor, none of whom were able to make the connection to what was behind all that pain.

A herniated disk with pressure on the nerve roots was the culprit and it took Dr. Kuruvila no time to figure it out with the help of an MRI. In working closely with his assistant, Miranda, and the wonderful, gentle equipment used (AccuSpina for utilizing The DRS Protocol), I am now without pain in my back and legs. When you meet Dr. Kuruvila and his staff, you will see what I did, people truly dedicated to relieving your pain and giving you back your life." - P.W., Denver, Colorado



"I had suffered from a herniated disc in my low back, resulting in a very painful sciatic condition. The pain had become so severe that two and a half years ago, I submitted to a lumbar laminotomy and micro-discectomy, to relieve the symptoms. The surgery provided limited, short term relief from the pain. Within six months, I was experiencing the same ongoing sciatic pain, and found myself contemplating another surgery, fusion of the back with titanium rods and screws hoping that I could finally rid myself of the terrible pain.

A golfing friend told me to contact Dr. Eipe Kuruvila MD, at The Denver Spine Institute as he had a painless, non-invasive treatment that decompresses the discs in the back. My friend had been unable to walk, play golf, etc, prior to receiving the treatment program from Dr. Kuruvila. After going through the treatment program, my friend was almost pain free, could play golf, walk and live a normal life without suffering.

I visited Dr. Kuruvila with an MRI of my back for a consultation. Dr. Kuruvila felt that I was a good candidate for the treatment program and that he could help me. I then went through the treatment program, and can report that the process significantly reduced my back pain resulting in my ability to play golf, walk, exercise, etc., without the severe, debilitating suffering that I had grown accustomed to living with. If I have any regrets, it is that I had not known about Dr. Kuruvila's treatment program, prior to having the surgery performed.

I strongly recommend that anyone considering back surgery, should first see Dr. Kuruvila at The Denver Spine Institute in Lakewood, Colorado. While the surgery requires significant downtime, pain, suffering, and rehabilitation, the IDD Therapy with the DRS Protocol is painless, non-invasive, and requires no rehabilitation!!! I cannot thank Dr. Kuruvila and his team enough, for giving me back my quality of life, without pain. You will benefit greatly by seeing Dr. Kuruvila, prior to electing a surgical procedure for your back or neck pain. He may not be able to help every back problem, but it is well worth the time to see the doctor. Thank you." - B.N., PhD